Peregrine perching on a branch

Peregrine Falcon
(Falco peregrinus)

The Peregrine Falcon could be described as the world’s most successful flying bird. Cosmopolitan in distribution, and with 19 distinct races, its performance as a flier is scarcely equalled by any other bird. The peregrine in stooping flight is the world’s fastest animal, and no description can convey its drama. Estimates of the speed achieved are put at well over 300kph. Its vision is stunningly powerful and still not fully understood. The peregrine has a very high density of receptors and other adaptations that maximise visual acuity. The placement of its eyes gives the species a high degree of binocular vision facilitating a precise judgment of distance.

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Find out more about the Peregrine Falcon

A Clear Way Forward

Our Customers and Clients

Clients benefiting from our services include membership organisations, associations, healthcare and the public sector.



Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

"I just wanted to acknowledge your significant contribution to the work of the CSP, both in terms of the actual work you have delivered and also the way you have delivered it. The latter might be even more important and significant in terms of our journey on Good to Great."


Karen Middleton
Chief Executive


"E AND H have made a real difference in our ‘Physiotherapy Works’ programme this year, we would never have made the progress we have without their support. With their help we’ve been able to establish an appropriate approach for this complex and important initiative, and we’re on the road now to being able to deliver it successfully."


Sue Browning
Deputy Chief Executive, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy


"E AND H’s experience and expertise enabled us to scope out and plan our CRM project properly, establishing a robust approach that enabled us to deliver successfully, on time and within budget. It would have been a real challenge for the CSP to deliver such a large, complex and cross-functional project without their support."


Stuart DeBoos
Finance Director, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy


> Click here to download a case study of our work with CSP


British Dietetic Association

"I am only sorry that we didn’t know about them sooner or we would have used E AND H to design and lead the whole project."


Sue Kellie
Deputy Chief Executive/ Head of Education and Professional Development



Chartered Quality Institute

"In establishing the coaching pilot we wanted to help ensure the success of our business change programme."


Teresa Folkes
Executive Director Operations



Kent County Council.

"E AND H has enabled Kent County Council to significantly improve our Health and Safety reporting and data management processes.


The personal and professional style of the consultant has been a real asset in influencing those needing to be engaged with this project and the outcomes described have clearly been good value for money."


Helen Bale
Corporate Health and Safety Manager


> Click here to download a case study of our work with Kent County Council



London Borough of Havering

"E AND H has worked with Havering to initiate a solution that has meant we are now ‘ahead of the game’, they have enabled us to shift the blockages and get things moving so we can now see a clear way forward.


The Single Status project presented a significant challenge to Havering.
E AND H provided invaluable support to the authority.


Thanks again for helping to get us organised!"


Cheryl Coppell
Chief Executive


> Click here to download a case study of our work with Havering



Home Group Limited

"The new approach and manual are fantastic, and have completely revolutionised the way we deliver projects."


Joanne Reid
IS Project Office Manager


> Click here to download a case study of our work with Home Group Ltd


"The project has been a great success - we went 'live' with our Housing and Finance systems on time and our staff are very pleased with the new way of working.  We were impressed with the project management and support provided by E AND H.  They are a very 'hands-on' consultancy, really getting involved with us, and they provided the experience and expertise we needed to ensure a successful implementation."


Alison Hadden
Director of Housing Operations



Lifelong Learning UK – Sector Skills Council

"I have been exceptionally pleased with the work
E AND H have delivered. They are professional, reliable and always deliver to the timescales agreed. In addition they have offered support and advice over and above their contract requirements throughout the time they have worked with LLUK."


Leah Swain
Executive Director of Operations



Shepway District Council

"Jane helped us to design a practical set of tools and templates, and delivered interactive workshops focusing on the essentials for successful projects. Our staff found the workshops really useful and were encouraged and reassured by Jane's supportive and clear approach."


Wendy Head
Strategic HR Manager, Shepway District Council.



Birmingham City Council

"David provided the project management and leadership skills that enabled us to implement our Housing system on time and within budget."


Nigel Christie
General Manager, Birmingham City Housing



Other clients we have worked with include:


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