Peregrine perching on a branch

Peregrine Falcon
(Falco peregrinus)

The Peregrine Falcon could be described as the world’s most successful flying bird. Cosmopolitan in distribution, and with 19 distinct races, its performance as a flier is scarcely equalled by any other bird. The peregrine in stooping flight is the world’s fastest animal, and no description can convey its drama. Estimates of the speed achieved are put at well over 300kph. Its vision is stunningly powerful and still not fully understood. The peregrine has a very high density of receptors and other adaptations that maximise visual acuity. The placement of its eyes gives the species a high degree of binocular vision facilitating a precise judgment of distance.

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Find out more about the Peregrine Falcon

A Clear Way Forward

At the core of E AND H are our people – professionally competent, motivated, resilient and reliable.


Jane Royden
Director and Principal Consultant

Jane has an extensive experience of people, project and change management, is an accredited coach, with strong leadership and management skills and a firm belief that people deliver projects.


Jane Royden has the ability to assist individuals and teams by facilitating a shift in their thinking. Her achievements include a successful career with Birmingham City Council, developing their Housing IT service and since 2002 delivering beneficial change in a range of organisations in the public and not for profit sectors.


Jane has a Masters degree in Meteorology, holds a Diploma in Management, is a Coaching for Performance Accredited Coach, has been registered as a PRINCE2 Practitioner and is a member of the Association for Project Management and the Institute of Consulting.



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Jane Royden - Director and Principal Consultant