Peregrine perching on a branch

Peregrine Falcon
(Falco peregrinus)

The Peregrine Falcon could be described as the world’s most successful flying bird. Cosmopolitan in distribution, and with 19 distinct races, its performance as a flier is scarcely equalled by any other bird. The peregrine in stooping flight is the world’s fastest animal, and no description can convey its drama. Estimates of the speed achieved are put at well over 300kph. Its vision is stunningly powerful and still not fully understood. The peregrine has a very high density of receptors and other adaptations that maximise visual acuity. The placement of its eyes gives the species a high degree of binocular vision facilitating a precise judgment of distance.

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Find out more about the Peregrine Falcon

A Clear Way Forward

Our approach is always tailored to our client’s organisational context and their particular needs.

We have the flexibility
to develop appropriate solutions from a range
of services.

Public sector organisations in the UK can procure our services through the Dynamic Marketplace.

Service and Expertise

E AND H offer that external perspective and expertise that can help your organisation achieve its goals and find a clear way forward. From managing projects to coaching teams our input can deliver improved performance and tangible benefits.


Working across the range of projects and change, we bring solutions to challenging and complex problems. From organisational development to achieving benefits from IT programmes, our experienced staff can bring strategic and operational understanding to your situation – enabling you to identify and deliver the solution that is appropriate for you.


Our approach is always tailored to our client’s organisational context and their particular needs. We have the flexibility to develop appropriate solutions from a range of services, which include:

  • Consultancy – focussed on managing projects, programmes and change effectively
  • Interim services for managing projects, programmes and change
  • Programme and Project Office – including project management methods
  • Coaching and mentoring to improve performance – click here for further information
  • Facilitation, training and support to develop organisational capability
  • Project team development
  • Research services and options appraisal
  • Organisational development and strategic HR consultancy IS/IT strategy, delivery and implementation consultancy
  • CRM Strategy and Projects
  • Benefits Workshops
  • Managing Integrated Solutions
  • Viral Change™
  • Flexible software for managing your projects
  • Visual management

E AND H’s commissions include:

  • Integrated CRM solution for a national organisation.
  • Establishing a major transformation programme for a London Borough.
  • Establishing a business transformation project for a professional membership organisation.
  • Interim programme management of a £30 million programme to improve management, leadership and skills in the Further Education sector.
  • Supporting a London Borough to find a clear way forward with their ‘Single Status’ solution.
  • Developing a Project Management method and manual for one of the UK’s largest Housing Associations, including training to embed the new approach.
  • Delivering an IT-enabled business change project to replace the core financial and operational management systems in a national organisation – on time and within budget.
  • Improving Health and Safety management processes in one of the UK’s largest County Councils.
  • Engaging with a team of social work professionals a London Borough who needed to make significant efficiency savings – developing a shared vision and practical implementation plan that would achieve the savings and improve the way things were done across Adult Social Services.
  • Working in one of HMRC’s processing divisions to establish a management framework and the capability to enable successful delivery of 23 projects comprising a major culture change programme.
  • Programme management of the transformational Customer Care programme for a large County Council.
  • Organisational development with a Sector Skills Council, including coaching and staff support, to improve project and programme management capability and capacity.
  • Supporting a major transformation programme in a District Council to enhance organisational performance and build internal capacity – facilitating a jump of two levels to ‘good’ in a recent Audit Commission re-assessment.
  • Undertaking a peer review of a major IT-change programme in Northern Ireland.
  • Supporting Project NOMAD with research and published case studies into the use of mobile technology in transforming Housing Repairs service delivery.
  • Developing project and programme management competency frameworks for a range of clients.


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